About Us

American Executive Security (AES)

American Executive Security (AES) is fully licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice to provide businesses and individuals world class security and protection services anywhere in the United States of America.

With more than 20 years of keeping lives, families, and assets safe, American Executive Security (AES) boasts of experience when it comes to recognizing and handling necessary safety precautions.

American Executive Security (AES) is aware that the world that we live in comes with a lot of potential risks, which is why taking extreme measures to provide you with peace of mind is our ultimate goal. ASIS National Capital Chapter awarded the CEO and founder of the AE Security with Highest Honors, as being the Security Professional of the Year.

ASIS, or the American Society of Industrial Security is an international security training and resource association that has 36,000 members all over the world.

ASIS is a most respected organization in the field of security. Through ASIS, professionals in the industry are able to go step up and to improve their carriers through accredited degrees and to enhance their overall skill by working closely with both local and national government groups. To add to the list of exemplary achievements, the Alexandria Police Department has also acknowledged the AE Security’s CEO with a certificate of achievement. It was awarded by Mr. David P. Baker, the Chief of Police himself.

We at American Executive Security (AES) have credentials and in-depth experience that have earned us a long-term reputation for providing specialized security services and superior representation. Our Clients are guaranteed nothing less than a hardworking team of highly trained security personnel who are not only devoted, dedicated, and disciplined but are exceptional at their field.

(LEBAI) Proud Member

We are also the only professional training academy in the Whole United States Of America that is fully certified and endorsed by the Law Enforcement Bodyguard Association International (LEBAI) as one of their associate training facilities.

This is an internationally recognized association of true professional bodyguards and special law enforcement personnel are based out of the United Kingdom. Graduates from our course will also be eligible to register and join this fine international organization to broaden their international networking possibilities. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!