Armed and Unarmed Security Guards/Officers

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards/Officers

As the name implies, security guards are guardians of security. They ensure ensure safety and give one a sense of security.

American Executive Security LLC is the leader in providing private armed and unarmed security guards ( officers) . Our security services include traditional security guard services, governmental security administration, and also security consulting projects.

An agency that provides its service all throughout the United States, American Executive Security holds private security and governmental contracts from different states. Security guards deployed from our agency are highly trained and experienced when it comes to guarding critical infrastructure facilities and high priority target locations like underground transportation facilities and subway systems.

On top of that, we also offer security for bus terminals, ferry terminals and properties, international railway systems, and even high risk housing locations and facilities.

At American Executive Security, we realize the importance of our private and government clients as well their concerns on security lapses. We are here to help implement loss prevention techniques with our team of topnotch security personnel. Our uniformed security staff members are trained to meet the highest standard in contract guarding.

Hiring a uniformed security expert can make a huge difference when your premises are considered as an ideal target for shoplifting or vandalism. The mere presence of a uniformed security guard will act as a buffer to possible criminal behavior.

But beyond acting like scarecrows, AES’ uninformed security guards are equipped with the training required to be able to competently provide a safe environment. Our team of security escorts can provide security services in any setting, at any time of day.

With AES, you can rest assured that our security guards are trained to proactively handle criminal behavior in the area and apprehend violators who attempt to steal from or vandalize your property.

Our security guards are trained to institute, enforce, and coordinate security policies and procedures to safeguard and protect the condition of your assets as well as your personnel, customers, and visitors.

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