Custom Security Operations

Custom Security Operations

When you talk about the leading security provider in the country, you will get the name American Executive Security. With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we have set the standards in providing physical security and safety systems.

American Executive Security has a diverse customer base. We are committed to ensuring that we provide nothing less than our excellent and broad ranging experience in carrying out work all across sectors. We provide physical security measures such as custom security operations to all establishments including utility companies, commercial buildings, retail, and domestic customers.

Here at American Executive Security, we have pay attention to the minutest details to ensure a thorough job is done and nothing is missed. With a desire to provide an efficient backup and maintenance service, we at AES are set apart from the crowd with our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards.

Our skilled team of security professionals will take the time to listen to, understand, and process your specific security needs in order to effectively make sure that you get only the highest level of service for your home or business establishment. From simple to state of the art, AES provides all levels of custom security operations needed by clients from different sectors.

American Executive Security offers licensed, armed, and unarmed security officers that are willing and are available to work in many environments. So whether the job requires one officer for a repeated instance or for multiple officers to secure one particular event, AES has the expertise to take care of your safety concerns.
We offer home security services, business security services, fire protection and monitoring, medical panic protection, video surveillance, intercom systems, and so on. Working with American Executive Security means that your security options are endless.

At American Executive Security, we not only provide security but also peace of mind.

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