Forensic Computer & Cyber-Security Services

Forensic Computer & Cyber-Security Services

If you need to determine how a computer or other digital device has been used such as what files are contained in or what web sites have been visited by that particular device… If you need your case to be handled with discretion and utmost professionalism… If you seek only the best in security and investigation and penetration testing… AE Security is what you seek.

AES offers computer forensics, private investigations and security consulting. In this age of the computer; employee dishonesty, computer “break ins”, breach of contract, industrial espionage, disputed dismissal, corporate theft, internet abuse, or insurance fraud done within your business’ premises can all be done through digital means. Fortunately, investigations can be done digitally, as well. In any kind of electronic thievery or deceit, more often than not, digital footprints can be found through a thorough computer forensic analysis.

AES Security has competent and well-trained agents with the analytic skills needed for such work. They can work closely with clients while using specifically approved forensics computer analysis software that will look for key words and other pieces of evidence that are relevant and have potential use to the case. The company’s over 20 years of experience is proof of AE Security flexibility and sound judgment every time something suspicious arises.

We guarantee that our forensic computer analysis team has the industrial as well as the commercial experience when it comes to both computer hardware and software design. In the world of forensic acquisition and retrieval of digital evidence, we have a proven track record. AES has the tools to probe into digital files and data stored on computer hard drives both in hidden and inaccessible areas and even files that may seem to have been deleted forever. Our team is highly skilled in finding related information that you want using our very powerful, company-exclusive keyword search algorithms. On top of that, AES also uses only the highest quality industry accepted and proven forensic tools that other security services companies do not have. AE Security is known for its ability to yield successful results where others have failed.
Our Computer Forensic Services:

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