Physical Security Services

Physical Security Services

American Executive Security  provides professional armed and unarmed protection security services to discerning clientele who feel the need for security or operate in high risk environments anywhere in the United States of America.Our physical security services are designed to promote and maintain a secure environment for office complexes, hotels, residences, vehicles, schools, or any other facility. On top of that, we also provide real time monitoring for sensitive VIP meetings and gatherings, conferences, and so on.
With the kind of experience and technical knowledge that we at American Executive Security  offer, you are assured that the integrated intrusion detection as well as our access control systems are not just reliable, but are also very impressive when it comes to satisfying your esthetic and practical needs.

Our expertly-trained team of security personnel is professional and highly reliable. Agents are dedicated to their work, and have been carefully handpicked through an extremely thorough recruiting and interviewing process. You are assured that the support that you will get from AES comes with comprehensive field training as well as strict professional supervision. Safety standards are not only met, they are exceeded.
Choose from the broad physical security services that American Executive Security offers:

  • Roving Officers
  • HOA Neighborhood Patrol
  • Patrolling with marked and unmarked Company vehicle
  • Traffic Control
  • Fire Watch
  • School Security
  • Building Complexes
  • Crowd Control at Special Events
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Construction sites
  • Jewelry stores
  • Custom security operations

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