Security Services for Construction Sites

Security Services for Construction Sites

Construction sites have always been one of the easiest places for thieves to pick on. Hiring a private security guard to watch over the site is expensive. And sometimes putting up a fence around the property will only slow the work down, costing you time and money. American Executive Security now offers the next best thing to setting up lasers all over the place that would slice any felon in two.

According to the recent estimates, more than 500 pieces of construction equipments go missing every week in the United States, which adds up to a huge sum of money for construction business owners – that’s thousands of dollars in lost revenue. And that number has been growing at an alarming rate of 10% each year, without any sign of going the other way. If you think that insurance companies will save you from all of the mess, think again. Insurance companies, noting this trend in equipment thievery, are actively turning down claims and hiking rates up the sky because of obvious risks.

Your solution? American Executive Security.

At American Executive Security, we know that construction sites are plagued by theft. We know that every year, this theft in construction materials and tools lead to a loss of millions dollars.

AES can help you avoid that scenario. We can supply trained personnel to handle a wide range of responsibilities – from access control to 24 hour surveillance, CCTV monitoring, plant, and equipment protection. We even accommodate the making of arrangements for temporary repairs that are necessary to ensure security in the construction premises.

American Executive Security has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to making sure that a particular area is safe and secure. Protect your assets. Protect your business. Contact American Executive Security.

Our Physical Security Services:

  • Roving Officers
  • HOA Neighborhood Patrol
  • Patrolling with marked and unmarked Company vehicle
  • Traffic Control
  • Fire Watch
  • School Security
  • Building Complexes
  • Crowd Control at Special Events
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Construction sites
  • Jewelry stores
  • Custom security operations

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